TBY talks to, Gooi Soon Chai, President of Industrial Solutions Group, Keysight Technologies, on the role of technology.

Gooi Soon Chai

How is Keysight collaborating with CREST (Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology) and how do you see this collaboration developing further?

As a high-technology electronic measurement company, Keysight is aligned to CREST's efforts to build core engineering competencies at universities and research institutes. With CREST, we are actively creating a platform with universities to collaborate on research. We lend our expertise to their research projects and offer opportunities for students to acquire industry-related skills. We are already deeply integrated in CREST and will continue to provide our expertise.

Where does Keysight fit into the changing technological world?

Our name itself tells a great deal about our position in this rapidly changing environment. Our name connotes having the key insights to understand and unlock the changing landscape of technology. We unlock technological insights for the rest of the world. Keysight enables innovation and accelerate new developments by helping researchers and engineers solve their toughest electronic design challenges in developing the technologies of the future. Take for example the current megatrend known as the Internet of Things. Every physical object will be connected and communicating with each other. Existing smart devices—smart phones, smart TVs, etc.—are just the beginning. This massive growth of connected devices requires equal growth in mobile data bandwidth. Keysight is right there at the forefront, providing early measurement solutions to help define the standards for 5G and to help our customers conform to the standards and ensure the interoperability of their systems.