TBY taks to Francois Freifer, Founder of Constractica, on the construction and real estate sector.

Francois Freifer

What specific services does Constractica offer to its clients, and where else does the company operate in the Middle East?

We are continuously expanding in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. We are present in Iraq, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar; our services are diversified. We believe in teamwork and success is our passion. Utilizing these skills, we can reach new heights and handle diverse functions. General contracting, project management, infrastructure works, waterworks, civil and electro-mechanical works, and maintenance are all areas in which we operate. We provide an in-depth set of services for all of clients, including visibility studies, materials analyses, financial planning, and A-to-Z maintenance agreements. We also operate in a wide variety of infrastructure areas, allowing us to handle the largest projects in the Arab world. Our specializations in this field and our partnerships allow us to enter tenders and submit bids for regional and international projects. We go beyond the basic services, and we view our role as developers of projects that allow people to not only live in but to prosper and grow. We aim high, ensure customer satisfaction, and care for the environment.