TBY talks to Nicolas Sakr, CEO of Switch2VR, on the construction and real estate sector.

How and why did you combine virtual reality and real estate?

We merged both because it is an immersive way for the buyer to visit the property from the comfort of home; we solved problems with traffic, appointments, and availability of apartments. Clients can virtually visit properties from home, filter the ones they like best, and then visit 2-3 properties instead of visiting 10-15. They can even share it with their family members, relatives, or friends.

Do you have a specific target and, if so, who is your clientele?

Our clientele comprises of brokers and real estate developers. By taking a 3D model, rendering 360 images, and putting them on our platform, companies are be able to get all the information regarding client behavior. Later on, we will be targeting museums, hotels, Airbnb, and other markets.

What is your outlook for Switch2VR?

For the Lebanese market, it is going to be a slow rise, and we are going to start with five agents to test it out. For the initial two months, it will be free in order to bring traction to the platform, and by end-2018, we will start introducing it to Arab and European countries.