Lebanon 2018 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Nadim Zaazaa, CEO of UK Lebanon Tech Hub, on IT and Telecoms sector.

Nadim Zaazaa

What does the UK Lebanon Tech Hub do on a day-to-day basis?

The Tech Hub takes startups at various stages of growth and helps them develop globally through mentorship, development of product and technology, business strategy, and go-to-market strategy. Simply, our goal is to help shape some of the best tech start-ups of the future. Operating internationally is something few institutions in Lebanon can help with. We have a bridge to London through which we can help start-ups that are ready to go to the next level, advising them on expanding to other markets. At the hub, we have technology teams, mentoring, workshops, and clinics. We are very hands on with product architecture, helping to make sure start-ups are scalable from day one. Many of our start-ups get bespoke support.

How many start-ups do you currently have under your guidance, and how are they performing?

Up until now, we have accelerated 86 startups and managed four R&D collaboration projects between universities in Lebanon and abroad. Our alumni start-ups are actively engaged with the community. Our start-ups raised more than USD50 million over the last three years.