TBY talks to Georges El-Gharib, Executive Vice-President of La Libanaise Des Jeux, on the Entertainment, Food & Tourism sector.

Georges El-Gharib

What regulatory framework obstacles do you face?

We need to create games or activities that can be associated with entertainment rather than pure lotto or a pure money game. In order to do that, we need to be flexible to be able to quickly adapt and change our marketing, as we did with lotto in the beginning. With the current regulatory constraints, it is difficult to introduce a change; we need to be able to bring to market a change within six months, and only then can we double or triple Lebanon's lottery market. The market is satisfactory but it has matured, and change is needed. The economic situation in the country is another hurdle.

What are your latest plans for La Libanaise Des Jeux?

We have changed our technical solution with our point of sales and have expanded it. We can use this presence and technical ability to offer significantly better services and we have successfully launched our application and website that permits people to play. We used to have people playing through SMS but our application permits players to connect and play from all over the world. This targets the diaspora, and we plan to launch more games.