Lebanon 2017 | TRANSPORT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Frédéric Babu, Regional Manager, Air France, on the sector.

Frédéric Babu

What is the importance of your operations in Lebanon with regards to the region?

I am in charge of Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan; Lebanon is by far the biggest, by more than 50%, and the most stable country of the three. Egypt is discussing devaluation due to big financial difficulties, and, thus, Lebanon is our biggest focus in the region, particularly given the diaspora and the great relationship between France and Lebanon.

How were the results of the diaspora program that Air France is taking part in along with the Ministry of Tourism?

The potential of the Lebanese diaspora is huge and the idea of the diaspora program was to target Brazil. There was great reception in Brazil, and the number of returnees from Brazil increased as a result of this new program to attract people of Lebanese origin. We can see the development of our traffic from South America to Lebanon. Our role here was to support this initiative, which is great as our role is to encourage the diaspora to come to Lebanon since traveling connects businesses and people. This is where we should be, and I am pleased to be a part of it.