TBY talks to Rabie Ruziek, General Manager, Terranaut Technology, on the sector.

Rabie Ruziek

What is your company's role in Kuwait?

Terranaut Technology was established in the UK and sent its first team to Kuwait in 2007. In 2009, we established a local company under the same name. As unique specialists, we only do trenchless works. When companies face obstacles with pipelines, we can help fix them without disrupting traffic or the current facilities. We can cross anything under the ground without excavation so we minimize the burden on the environment. This way of working is common in the US and in Europe, and we are trying to implement it here.

What are your operations like in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt?

We have been in contact with some Iraqi partners that we used to work with in Kuwait. They are interested in having us in Iraq because when order is restored, they want to enhance oil extraction and need to build more pipelines. Iraq has many rivers and canals that are obstacles in this respect. The best way to deal with these obstacles is trenching. With Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision, there will be greater activity, and more projects and investments will come. This expansion also involves more infrastructure that we could play a role in. Egypt is similar, with megaprojects and infrastructural development moving fast.