Kuwait 2018 | FINANCE | COLUMN

TBY talks to Anwar F. Al-Sabej, CEO, Warba Insurance on the sector.

Anwar F.  Al-Sabej

How has your recent foray into online services affected the way you do business?

We launched online services in tandem with our social networking push and have a particular specialty in this area. We are tapping into growth through these mediums, utilizing the social knowledge of millennials to spur growth. We focus on this demographic and have seen great growth in certain areas of our online business. We have operations that are totally online, allowing us to do business with our customers in a far more convenient manner.

What are your expectations for Warba Insurance and the Kuwaiti insurance sector in the coming year?

Right now, consumer confidence is low in the region, and that places strains on business. However, Kuwait is faring better than others in the region because other areas of the economy are doing well. The Ministry of Health is trying to privatize health insurance, which, of course, would be great for the sector. The Ministry of Health is trying to privatize many of its operations. We will see most of the growth in this area.