TBY talks to Abdullah Al Askari, Managing Director, CClub on the sector.

Abdullah Al Askari

How would you describe health and fitness concerns in Kuwait?

Over the past five years there has been a great deal of awareness, especially among 20-30 year olds; however, teenagers and children are the most affected by diabetes. I would like to see a solution for child obesity and diabetes. It starts with the government taking the initiative and then major companies sponsoring programs or school activities or camps. To fix this issue, we have to start from the home. Schools should also include sports and physical activities in the curriculum as well. We try to raise health awareness by consulting with our clients and members on nutrition, wellbeing, and getting rid of bad habits. On a bigger scale, being a lecturer and nutritionist, we also include other trainers from other facilities and certify them as far as sports nutrition is concerned. I hold many workshops and training sessions for sports nutrition in Kuwait. I was recently asked to speak at Kuwait University on sports nutrition and the link between nutrition and exercises and physiotherapists.