TBY talks to Ahmad Yousef Al Kandari, Vice-Chairman & CEO, United Facilities Management (UFM), on the sector.

Ahmad Yousef Al Kandari

What is your operational strategy for 2017?

We are the facility and property management subsidiary of the United Real Estate Company (URC). Our operations in Kuwait in the government sector have grown. We have new contracts with the Foreign Ministry, in particular. We also work with another large company from the private sector that owns several buildings to manage its facilities. By 2018, we will have obtained qualifications to serve the oil sector. We primarily manage commercial, residential, and governmental buildings, and now want to move into industrial buildings as well. The industrial sector is our target for expansion in 2018 and beyond.

How do you work to advance integrated management in the country?

In Kuwait we take the lead to raise greater awareness of integrated facilities management. We sponsor activities here to educate the private or public sector about the importance of having those facilities. Every year, we have one event where we get people from the government sector and the directors of areas related to facilities management to come and listen to the benefits they can gain. Many people in the private sector have started to realize the benefits because they are more exposed to best practices from the West.