Kuwait 2017 | ECONOMY | COLUMN

TBY talks to , Alex Saleh Partner & Head of Office, Al Tamimi & Company, on the sector.

Alex Saleh

How would you describe your client base in Kuwait?

In Kuwait, we represent most of the country's financial institutions, working with eight out of 10 banks and also some foreign banks. Secondly, we work on infrastructure deals. Kuwait is involved in many large-scale PPP deals, and we work on many of those. In some of those we represent the State of Kuwait and in others we represent the consortia or the lenders.

What is your outlook for 2017?

Because of low oil prices, it will be a challenging environment. That being said, Kuwait is in a better financial position than a lot of the other GCC countries. Kuwait has decent reserves. It will still have an effect but not as bad as in other states. Kuwait will slow down a bit, but infrastructure projects will continue.