Kuwait 2017 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Mohamed AbouKhalid, General Manager, Al-Khat Printing Press on the sector.

Mohamed AbouKhalid

What have been the main achievements of the company?

We initially conducted a market study and found that the oversupply of small printing presses could not meet the market demand in Kuwait. We decided to invest our knowledge and brought in the biggest and best equipment from Germany. At the same time, we discovered a mass market for packaging and decided to invest in packaging. We were the first with equipment specialized in producing fast food packages. We are always incorporating the latest technologies and were the first company that introduced color-separation technologies and varnishing machines to Kuwait, while others followed at a later stage.

What is your overall outlook for 2017 for the company and for the industry in Kuwait?

The printing industry comes in two versions now: offset printing and digital. Offset printing has gone down, while digital is going up. This is why we were one of the first to start investing in digital and, in the coming two to three years, manufacturers will increasingly use digitalized platforms. Digital technology is convenient for Kuwait, as it is a small country and the quantities that are printed are not that high.