Kazakhstan 2018 | ENERGY & MINING | COLUMN

TBY talks to Maxat Bekov, Chairman, Chemie and Technology (CHT), on the sector.

Maxat Bekov

What opportunities did you identify in the chemicals supply market when launching the company in 2010?

We started by supplying chemicals to companies and factories and realized that almost every production facility has a need for chemicals, though overwhelmingly in small amounts; they need five-metric-ton containers, not 20 plus. Our company acquires large containers in bulk from suppliers and apportions the chemicals to take the products directly to the market. We have certain products that we buy in raw material form before producing value-added products and have production facilities in Almaty as well as Petropavlovsk. We are also in a joint venture with a Japanese company that operates in water treatment and have chemicals for agriculture, oil and gas, mining, and construction, though our main product types are acids.

How has CHT grown its list of international partners in recent years?

We often enter international markets by establishing exclusive contracts with our suppliers. For instance, we have partners from Belgium and across Asia that supply us with products from China and Europe. In addition to achieving exclusivity to represent their products in Kazakhstan, we have also established a post-payment system, meaning we can control our supplies and costs more effectively. Only after careful partner analysis is conducted do we go forward.