Kazakhstan 2018 | AGRICULTURE | COLUMN

TBY talks to Bakhtiyar Rakhmatov,General Manager,IFT Project Development, on the sector.

Bakhtiyar Rakhmatov

What are some of the key projects carried out by IFT Project Development?

To date, in cooperation with Dalsem, we have around 30 operational hectares in Kazakhstan, representing four projects. 99% of Dalsem's customers are investors from industries completely unrelated to agriculture. We know how to work with investors; we provide a full package of materials and services for one full year of successful operations. Investors need a great deal of support in the first year or two, and that is why Dalsem, by partnering with us, immediately established a local office in Kazakhstan with full support from growers in the Netherlands. We also offer a full year of growing supplies; it is a truly turnkey project.

What are some of the major trends in the local agriculture sector?

After financing, it takes almost one year to begin operations. In terms of agricultural segments, there is much optimism about the growth in dairy and livestock. We consider ourselves a market leader in high-tech greenhouses, and in the last six months the volume of requests has jumped significantly.