TBY talks to Selim Karakulah, Country Manager, Entegre Satek Elektronik, on the sector.

Selim Karakulah

What are some of the landmark projects that Entegre Satek has worked on in Kazakhstan?

Entegre Satek is one of the top-10 IT system integration companies in the world. When the construction of Astana's Abu Dhabi Plaza was announced, we presented our offer, won the tender, and entered the market. We are providing a full scope of building management systems to the project, which was originally valued at USD32 million, but has now come to USD34 million. Yet Entegre Satek's presence in Kazakhstan is far wider than the Abu Dhabi Plaza project, and we are always on the lookout for new opportunities. We have been in the country for six years now and have worked on many landmark developments, such as Nazarbayev University, Astana Media Centre, and the Tarlan Towers, while our design team also worked on Expo 2017.

How have you used your presence in the country to look for new projects in the market?

Due to the size of our company and our renowned global experience for major projects, we continually seek large opportunities, whether they are airports, stadiums, malls, or mixed-use developments. Moving forward, we target Almaty and West Kazakhstan as the next growth areas from a megaproject perspective, and not so much Astana.