Kazakhstan 2018 | ENERGY & MINING | COLUMN

TBY talks to Renato Maroli , General Director, KPO, on the sector.

Renato Maroli

KPO recently celebrated its 20th anniversary of signing the Final Production Sharing Agreement (FPSA) over the Karachaganak field. What other highlights would you like to share?

Since signing of the FPSA, over USD22 billion has been invested in the field's development and around USD26 billion paid to the republic in taxes and shared profits. Since 1997, KPO has built a 635-km pipeline, modernized field infrastructure, commissioned new processing and re-injection facilities, and drilled a substantial number of new wells. Last year we produced 139.7 million barrels of oil equivalent (MBOE). KPO extracts and processes stabilized and unstabilized liquid hydrocarbons, raw gas, and fuel gas. Most of the hydrocarbons produced in Karachaganak are exported to maximize net sales revenues.

The government wants increases in the local content of oil and gas companies. How do you go about this?

KPO is one of the first companies in Kazakhstan to successfully introduce a local content program, which has enabled more than 4,000 Kazakh companies to get involved in the Karachaganak development. These have received orders from KPO for over USD6 billion, while the rate of local content for the first nine months of 2017 reached 51.8%.