Kazakhstan 2017 | TOURISM & RETAIL | COLUMN

TBY talks to Timur Khairov, General Manager, Shymbulak Ski Resort on the sector.

Timur Khairov

How do you attract tourists in the summer season?

Currently, we do not have many activities in the summer, though we are working on this. We have many visitors from abroad or people with relatives living here, and everyone who comes to Almaty wants to show their visitors Shymbulak and the mountains. We have a program to increase the number of summer activities at the resort so we can bring more people up here in the off-peak season. We are setting up an adventure office where our guests can get full information about our services and buy tickets for the various activities at one point. These activities will include trekking and hiking tours, mountain bike riding, rope park, and others. In the future we plan to introduce zip-line and alpine-coaster, which will function year around. And certainly we will set up a good playground for kids in restaurants area. We are also working on creating points of interest such as small cafe and open air museum on the highest point of our ski resort, which is 3,200m above sea level. From this point our guests can enjoy astonishing views of the mountain panorama and see the glaciers all year around from a stones's throw distance.