Kazakhstan 2017 | TRANSPORT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Vladimir Denisov, President, SCAT Airlines on the sector.

Vladimir Denisov

How have you been affected by new airlines in Kazakhstan and what is your strategy to gain more market share?

There is room for even more companies in the Kazakhstani market. My attitude toward our competitors is open and we are positive about competition. Every company should have its own niche. And our initial strategy was and still is to launch regular domestic flights and connect every region within Kazakhstan. We built our strategy around the fact there is steady population growth and a rising middle class. We transport more than 1.2 million passengers each year, with a stable annual increase. Also, part of the company's strategic plan has been building hub systems in Astana and Aktau. By 2025 we plan to have seven hubs in Kazakhstan.

What are your expansion plans?

One of the most significant events in the aviation sector was the withdrawal of Kazakhstan from the EU's safety blacklist. We will definitely offer flights to Eastern Europe and a regular flight to the Mediterranean region. We see great potential in the oil and gas sector in different European countries. As part of this international expansion we will continue to fly to Batumi and Sochi.