Kazakhstan 2017 | ENERGY & MINING | COLUMN

TBY talks to Zhomart Mominbayev General Director, Samruk Green Energy, on the sector.

Zhomart Mominbayev

Can you tell us more about the solar plant launched by Samruk Green Energy?

The plant has been running and producing electricity on a commercial base since 2014. We now have the experience of operating solar power plants and are ready to develop a new project and expand our existing power plant. After two years of fully operating we know the production capacity of the station and how dust, temperature, and wind affects the generation activity of the solar power plant. This year we made some improvements to our solar power plant, had some new models, and managed our station with greater care. We have in our station two axes tracking systems that track the movements of the sun that allow us to increase our electricity generation.

What is the capacity of renewable energy in Kazakhstan today?

According to official data from the Ministry of Energy, today we have 283.3MW of installed capacity. This includes solar, wind, and small hydro plants that are already in production. There are almost 50 players in that market right now, most of them being small hydro plants; there are also two large players and the biggest is Burnoye Solar power plant, with a capacity of 50MW.