Kazakhstan 2017 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Alexander Komarov, CEO, Beeline, on the sector.

Alexander Komarov

Can you tell us about the company's operations over the last year since you took over?

In 2015 we implemented a digitalization and transformation strategy. It is based on a number of strategic pillars that we aim to implement in Kazakhstan. The first one is to structure operations and reconsider how we operate in countries from a competitive position and ownership perspective. We will launch a new project for network sharing and develop a new structural approach to how we do business. It is not only a performance transformation process, but also an attempt to reconsider the role of the network and all other value chain elements in a modern telecoms environment.

What strategy do you have in place to overcome these challenges?

We have a digitalization strategy to reduce the current cost structure as much as possible. We need to initiate and start to invest in new revenue streams as companies need to balance their investments into their core business. What we need to do is expand our portfolio just to avoid this one-on-one competition where customers pay KZT1 per minute and KZT1 per gigabyte. We also seek to diversify our services. We are a fixed-mobile operator and can sell customers not just mobile or fixed cell but packages of integrated services.