Kazakhstan 2017 | HEALTH & EDUCATION | COLUMN

TBY talks to Craig Halsall, Headmaster, Haileybury, on the sector.

Craig Halsall

What does Haileybury bring to improve the education sector in Kazakhstan?

We are proud of the curriculum we offer. It is a broad one and we do not just specialize in one or two areas or in one language. We offer opportunities for all children to excel, whatever their talents; we seek to educate them according to the academic program but we place equal emphasis on extracurricular programs to give students the opportunity to try sports, music, arts, and drama because every child is good at something. We see it as our job to make sure that those two vehicles, the curriculum and extracurricular programs, help pupils discover what they are good at and what they can pursue in the future. Another thing included in the curriculum and extracurricular programs is the desire to develop what we call Haileybury habits. These are aspects we want our children to develop in terms of life skills as individuals even after they leave us. We want them to be courageous, take risks, and identify their own strengths and weaknesses without relying on a teacher.