Kazakhstan 2017 | ECONOMY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Rapil S. Zhoshybayev , Commissioner, Expo 2017, on the sector.

Rapil S. Zhoshybayev

How would you describe the enthusiasm for the future energy theme?

The theme of future energy was popular and many developed countries are now putting forward their programs to switch to green economy and concepts to increase the share of renewable and alternative energy in their total consumption. Developing countries are also working in this direction, while countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE are now also significantly investing in solar power.

What is your vision on the long-term impact that Expo will have on Kazakhstan?

Expo is a locomotive for many sectors, including tourism; in addition, we will use new materials, standards, and technologies and this will develop our logistics and transport. We are currently constructing a new terminal at the airport as well as a new railway station; we have also launched an LRT, which is a new mode of transport in our country. All these initiatives will create new jobs. For Expo we expect 2 million tourists and about 5 million visits in total. About 85% of the visitors will be from Kazakhstan and 15% will be foreign visitors, mainly from neighboring countries such as Russia, China, and Central Asian countries.