Kazakhstan 2017 | ENERGY & MINING | COLUMN

TBY talks to Darkhan Medeubayev, Managing Director, Hydroserv, on the sector.

Darkhan Medeubayev

How would you describe the main achievements of Hydroserv in Kazakhstan since its establishment almost 20 years ago?

The company was founded by a Welshman, Kevin J. Roberts, in 1998. The business originally involved the sale of various types of oil and gas equipment and, over time, the business started to provide solutions for mining and oil and gas companies here. Hydroserv is one of the leaders in solution providers and benefited from the experience of Roberts, who was an engineer and had set up businesses in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. There was a lack of experience and quality in Kazakhstan at the time so he collaborated with international companies; Hydroserv later became the exclusive dealer for various products in the mining and oil and gas sector.

What is your advantage over your competitors?

Our advantage is our equipment, which we build ourselves. This results in cost savings for both us and our clients. If a client has a problem we do not take weeks or months to make decisions; we make decisions in a few days. Another ongoing project is being run by locals and will take the company to the next step towards being a solutions provider.