Kazakhstan 2017 | TOURISM & RETAIL | COLUMN

TBY talks to Aytuğ Can, General Manager, Ramstore Kazakhstan LLC, on the sector.

Aytuğ Can

What was the reason behind the desire to invest in Kazakhstan 18 years ago and what potential did you see in the market?

By 1996, our Board of Managers was sent to improve the brand in CIS countries. We are in the 18th year of the start of operations in Kazakhstan and today have 19 supermarkets, two online stores, and one shopping center in Kazakhstan. Over time new supermarket brands have opened in the country; however, Ramstore has maintained its position at the forefront of modern shopping and supermarket concept. The opportunities in the new and young republics after the Soviet Union were the main potential that we saw in the market.

Does Ramstore have any plans to expand locally and internationally?

Ramstore Kazakhstan LLC is owned by Migros Ticaret AS in Turkey, which is primarily owned by Anadolu Endustri Holding (Turkey) and BC Partners (UK) and also by shareholders in Istanbul Stock Exchange. The board of managers decides to expand the brand (Ramstore) in the entire geography and in other countries. As for local expansion in Kazakhstan, we are planning to develop our real estate projects in Almaty and to expand our supermarket operations in the cities of Almaty and Astana in the medium term.