TBY talks to Marina Kostanian, Regional Director, AECOM Kazakhstan, on the sector.

Marina Kostanian

What have been the main highlights of AECOM's presence in Kazakhstan since it entered the country?

The company has been mostly focused on the construction sector in Kazakhstan. AECOM around the world covers all types of infrastructure projects ranging from design and contruction of residencies, industrial, power to road and bridges. In Kazakhstan, however, we have been working mostly in the residential and industrial construction sector. We do not compete with the general contractor companies that provide actual labor, but instead offer high-quality project management, engineering, cost consultancy, and technical supervision services. Based on the scope and quality of services we provide, we have been involved in such landmark projects as Central Reference Laboratory funded by the US government in Almaty and Abu Dhabi Plaza in Astana as an example.

What is the importance of Kazakhstan to AECOM's global portfolio of countries?

Unfortunately, Kazakhstan is not as relevant globally as China and the Middle East for the global results of the company. However, Kazakhstan is still one of the most important countries for further development because of its size, growth rates, and being the gateway for growing business in other countries in Central Asia.