Kazakhstan 2017 | HEALTH & EDUCATION | COLUMN

TBY talks to Madina Umbetova, General Manager, International SOS, on the sector.

Madina Umbetova

What trends have you seen in Kazakhstan's healthcare sector and what have been the major developments from International SOS in the past year?

One of the current key developments is the digitalization of medicine. This is widely seen across the globe and is already coming to Kazakhstan. It deals with online consultations, which are extremely important if a patient is based in a remote area with no access to a doctor. This is how we can shorten the process and save resources and sometimes lives. We help connect patients to doctors and they explain their issues and the doctors then make an assessment of the patients in a joint effort.

Do you see any potential for public-private partnerships in the country?

We are actively monitoring the new insurance legislation that is expected to be launched soon. The overall impact should be positive, as more people will have guaranteed medical access to certain medical institutes. We wait to determine what the final impact on all players in the market will be, but it should raise standards because of more competition and greater demand for such services.