Kazakhstan 2017 | INDUSTRY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Vladimir Aidarbekov, General Director, First Brewery, on the sector.

Vladimir Aidarbekov

What have been your main achievements since reopening in 2013?

We were founded in 1858 as the first brewery in Kazakhstan. Though located right in the city center, due to road construction we decided to move the brewery to the new location. The brewery was reopened in 2013 and though it is still managed by the founding family, there are also new partners like the Oasis Company, which has experience in the brewery business in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. The strategy for our brewery is to focus on quality beers and on the culture of quality beer consumption. We have built a portfolio in which the aim is to provide the best quality beers to different types of consumers; the core value of our business is to focus on the quality of our product.

What has been the secret behind your success and your competitive advantage in the industry?

When we reopened the brewery, it was a difficult time for the economy here. However, despite the difficult market situation we had a successful launch and have had positive sales dynamics, growing around 20% in volume on average. This shows that the business strategy to focus on quality beers and premium sales channels was the right decision and has truly made an impact.