Kazakhstan 2017 | AGRICULTURE | COLUMN

TBY talks to Talgat Aldazharov, General Director, Syngenta, on the agriculture sector.

Talgat Aldazharov

Syngenta is one of the largest agricultural companies in the world. What is the importance of Kazakhstan for Syngenta's global portfolio?

Kazakhstan is clearly not the biggest market in the world, though it is becoming more interesting for Syngenta, with all the changes coming into place in the country and agriculture playing a more important role, both here and around the world. Kazakhstan has a large territory and huge potential for growth. As our economy diversifies, we will see more investments and focus on the agricultural sector here. There will be greater emphasis on developing more diversified crops beyond just spring wheat, a high-quality wheat that is the main crop in Kazakhstan. We are changing our approach and introducing different crops, at the same time increasing the acreage assigned to those crops, such as flax and rapeseeds as well as sunflower, which is becoming an interesting crop for Kazakhstan. Another rapidly growing crop will be lentils. Diversification is a positive development for us, and it translates into a huge potential for the Kazakhstani market from Syngenta's point of view. Syngenta has one of the biggest portfolios in terms of crop protection and it spends a large amount on development and research in many areas.