Kazakhstan 2017 | FINANCE | COLUMN

TBY talks to Rauan Daukenov, Chairman, Asia Life Insurance on the finance sector.

Rauan Daukenov

How do the services that Asia Life offers distinguish it from its competitors?

To provide great service, companies need to have offices in different regions and set up branches throughout the country. It cannot do everything from a single office in a large city. We have developed a network of 16 branches throughout Kazakhstan and are present in almost all regions of the country. That was not easy and we set up all those branches in just the first year. It was important to do that, because the closer we are to our customers, the better the service we can offer and the more they appreciate our services.

What is your customer portfolio and what products do you offer?

Employee insurance is an important area and is compulsory in the country. All life insurance companies have to focus on selling for individuals as well. We have both corporate and individual insurance as well as pension annuity. Corporate insurance accounts for about 45% and individual insurance about 55%.