Kazakhstan 2015 | AGRICULTURE & FOOD | COLUMN

TBY talks to, Zeinulla Kakimzhanov, Founder, Arba Wine on wine sector.

Zeinulla Kakimzhanov

What is the history of wine in Kazakhstan?

Historically speaking, wine is a part of the history of our region. Even in the ancient scriptures from Europe and China, you can find notes from travellers and ambassadors describing beautiful vineyards in ancient times. During the communist era, there were well-developed vineyards. Previously, when I was a banker, I was meeting with people working in finance and in the cultural sphere. They always spoke about wine and food, and after many years I realized the importance of wine. I decided to start a new journey. It was always my dream to have an area in Kazakhstan that resembles Tuscany and its vineyards.

Modern equipment is a fundamental to creating good wine. How much did you invest to ensure you had the best equipment for every step of the winemaking process?

I was advised about the best equipment, and chose what was necessary to give stability to the production, including cooling tanks, top quality barrels, and bottling equipment. We have special pumps that do not ruin the juice, and we use the top filtering, bottling, and corking machines. We even import the best bottles and best corks from Europe.