TBY talks to Olga Voronova, Director, V-TIME Object Office on office space.

Olga Voronova

How is the concept of office space evolving in Kazakhstan over time?

There has been a profound change in the mentality of people here, and there is a better understanding of what office space is, and why it is an essential to a good working environment. For example, a few years ago many companies wanted an "open space" office. In their opinion it was just a big open room with tables and chairs, and of course this is not the case. It is important to consider aspects such as lighting, zoning, and acoustics. If this is not taken into consideration, an open space can be a terrible thing for the employees, and this is why it is important to have a professional approach to this question. Another change that we see is in the attitude of top-level management, in the past, they preferred heavy wooden tables and big leather thrones instead of chairs, but now there is an understanding of the importance to be closer to the employees. More and more projects now require management to be in the same space together as their employees, or an absolutely transparent office. They understand that ergonomic chairs are more important for their health as well. There are changes in the design of furniture as well, and people prefer modern European styles. Clients also understand why electrification is important, especially now that digital systems are a crucial component of any company.