Kazakhstan 2015 | INDUSTRY | COLUMN

TBY talks to, Talgat Akhmetov, General Director, G4S Kazakhstan (Group 4 Securicor Kazakhstan LLP) on the security sector.

Talgat Akhmetov

What is the importance of the CIS region, and specifically of Kazakhstan, within G4S' international operations?

G4S has a global footprint and is one of the largest private employers in the world. It is truly an international company with a great deal of experience in providing security services across industries. G4S Kazakhstan is a 100% Kazakhstani company as required under the local private security legislation. G4S Kazakhstan has a license agreement to use the G4S logo, which gives it the right to train and apply G4S's global practical knowledge. Kazakhstan is the second-largest and strongest economy in the CIS, and the strongest in Central Asia.

What innovative and tailored solutions are you offering your Kazakhstani clients?

We have introduced the idea of monitoring pipelines with UAVs, and this was very well received. For the transportation and logistics industry, we provide state-of-the-art solutions that monitor goods in transit. If required, this equipment allows us to even make trucks stand still. Our own fleet is comprised of over 300 cars, and each car is equipped with GPS. We can record information about fleet location at any time, and furthermore this equipment improves our fleet usage as we control the time of technical maintenance and are now in the position of having a system of preventive repair works, which is cheaper than repairing the fleet after it breaks.