Kazakhstan 2015 | INDUSTRY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Xavier Verfaille, Managing Director, BASF Central Asia on chemical sector.

Xavier Verfaille

What kinds of products are being manufactured at your local manufacturing facilities?

BASF has two plants in Almaty and Astana. In Almaty, we have both admixtures and powders, while in Astana we only have facilities for admixtures. The main growth for BASF in construction will be in Astana, so we want to develop the powders segment there as well. Within the two plants, we have to make adaptations depending on the market's needs. We want to expand our portfolios more in Astana now than we do in Almaty.

How do you see the chemical sector developing in Kazakhstan?

That depends on what chemicals we are talking about. For example, we do not anticipate any developments in the food chemicals sector, because of the country's small population. However, there will definitely be development within the oil and gas chemicals. One of the main problems with the development of a solid chemical industry is the huge export of products from Russia, which in a way impedes growth of local manufacturing.