Jamaica 2018 | IT & BPO | COLUMN

TBY talks to John P. Azar, CEO, KingAlarm, on the sector.

John P. Azar

How do you plan to continue expanding in the future?

Since our inception, we have grown YoY at the same pace, and our growth has been excellent. We are based in Kingston and have another large office in Montego Bay because our clientele is large on that side in terms of hotels and other entities. We need to look at other areas of Jamaica as well, such as Mandeville and Ocho Rios, where we do installations of electronic security but do not have the guarding or armed response services. In the areas where we are present, we are by far the most prominent provider, though there are other areas where we need to get our footprint. The market is still growing, and we are also taking market share, due to our superior products, services, and price offerings.

Do you plan expansion in other countries?

We are presently doing support work for companies in Cayman Islands and Trinidad. We assist with investigation and monitoring alarms, though that is an area we are looking into, as well as expanding to other islands. The strength of our brand here will naturally lead to our expansion to other countries.