Jamaica 2018 | TRANSPORT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Leslie Baugh, Managing Director, Pas Cargo, on the sector.

Leslie Baugh

How has the market responded to this new office, and how have your operations evolved since last year?

By the start of July 2017, we had doubled our volumes in terms of clientele and cargo movement. And this is still continuing. We offer the same service in the physical sense of the actual movement of cargo. However, we give a more customized service than our competitors. We offer custom brokerage, transportation, and door-to-door delivery, as well as documentation and assisting with shipments arrivals. While the cargo is mostly imports, we also deal with some exports.

How does being part of a larger group help your operations as well as the growth of Jamaica?

From the head office in Miami, they coordinate the other services we can offer each other regarding imports and exports to other Caribbean islands. Even better, we are a part of an organization and network, the Worldwide Consolidators Association (WCA). These are partners in various countries from Europe, the Far East, Caribbean, and Americas with whom we source cargo to Jamaica and vice versa. Jamaica can improve its level of maritime transactions to become a key player in the industry.