TBY talks to Andre Nelson, Managing Director, Zierlich International Dialysis Centre, on the sector.

Andre Nelson

What motivated you to invest in Jamaica?

We are second-generation Jamaicans and have always wanted to return to Jamaica. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is growing globally and the average Jamaican has limited access to dialysis facilities. We decided to establish a dialysis center here and received knowledge and input from the UK's National Health Service. Within our current facility, we have everything that a patient could need: a 24-hour pharmacy, general practitioners, consultants, radiologists, cardiologists, and more. We are a one-stop shop for all medical needs and ensure that all our patients receive easily accessible and high-quality care.

How do you plan to develop your international client base?

With more tourists visiting Jamaica from all over the world, we hope to expand our care center. We will reach out to these markets through direct engagement with the Ministry of Tourism in Jamaica. We have approached the high commissions in the UK and have also had interest from other Caribbean islands. We want to engage with other dialysis providers so that patients can travel while knowing that they will be able to receive their care. We want to create a more cohesive system. By coming together and networking, we can benefit the entire medical tourism industry.