TBY talks to Laszlo Bakon , Managing Director, Medimpex, on the sector.

Laszlo Bakon

Does Medimpex work with other suppliers to increase the product range in Jamaica?

At first, there were only Hungarian products from our two parent companies. Over the years, the parent companies encouraged us to find other suppliers that can increase our turnover and fit into our portfolio so that we could increase our scope. We proudly represent Bayer in Jamaica. We also have Grünenthal from Germany and Thornton and Ross from the UK. We have developed a multi-supplier system that can offer a wide variety of products to the Jamaican market. The goal is to diversify what we supply.

Does the company have any plans for expansion in the future?

We are always actively looking for new suppliers, which is not easy. Typically, if there is a supplier with great quality products and prices, someone else is already distributing it here. We look more into companies that might be medium or smaller manufacturers that may be present elsewhere and are just about to enter the Caribbean. However, first we look at the quality of the manufacturer. They may come from anywhere in the world; however, if they already market products to Europe or the US, that is excellent.