Jamaica 2018 | TRANSPORT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Oliver Townsend, CEO, Knutsford Express, on the sector.

Oliver Townsend

How did you design your operations to ensure the highest level of quality?

Our transportation officers are not driving to move people from A to B; they are driving to provide an experience that would give the person the feeling of being on a plane. From the beginning, we had a lot of competition, mainly our customers' ability to drive to Kingston in their own cars. Therefore, the service has to be of such value and comfort that it has to compel a person to park their car and travel with us. The new highway has been great because the reliability of trips has improved immensely and our schedule functions almost like clockwork. Now, we have up to 10 departures a day.

What are some positive trends in the Jamaican economy that could impact your operations?

The emergence of the BPO sector is one, but if all sectors grow in Jamaica, the more mobile people will be. Our reason for existence is really to make peoples' lives better by providing distinctive travel or transport solutions.