TBY talks to Parviz GhaemmaghamI CEO, Pars Tableau Company, on the sector.

Parviz GhaemmaghamI

What is the role of exports in your strategy?

The country has not had good opportunities to represent itself in international business because after the Islamic Revolution in 1979, we were unwillingly engaged in an 8.5-year war with one of our neighbors, after which we were busy trying to rebuild. After the war, we signed an agreement with Alstom, a leading international manufacturer of electrical apparatuses and networks from France. We now had high-quality products on our hands, but a lack of hard currency for importing the needed raw materials and equipment required for production. We realized over time we had to diversify our business scope in order to make the most of opportunities in neighboring countries.

Are you looking for investors?

A new investment opportunity has emerged with the lifting of sanctions. Countries and companies interested in business in Iran's neighboring countries have to note that Iran has strong bonds with its neighbors in terms of history, language, religion, and culture. Iran also has advanced infrastructure and an educated, young engineering force, which makes it easy for international contractors to cooperate with Iranian companies. With more than 80 million people and sanctions lifted, we are ready to welcome partners and investors of all stripes.