Iran 2017 | ENERGY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Mohammad Kasaeyan, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Rosemond E.M.I., on the sector.

Mohammad Kasaeyan

How would you assess your company's contribution to the energy sector in Iran?

We have designed and constructed platforms for offshore oil and gas fields such as the South Pars Gas Field. When we were founded, the sanctions limited access to foreign-made equipment. Based on our past experience in the construction of drilling rigs, we decided to work within our group on developing an in-house Iranian design of a jackup-type drilling rig, an element sorely lacking in Iran. There are only a few companies in the world that have designed and built such rigs, and we are the only one in the Middle East with an in-house certified design, which we did to overcome the sanctions. Highly innovative technologies that we are working on, such as GTL, DRA, and OCM, are all based on Iranian knowledge.

How is the volatility in oil prices affecting your business model and how do you respond to this challenge?

There are a few ways we approach this issue. One is to get a better price for the feed for our plants, and another one is to increase our efficiency. We also try to optimize our end product and focus on the most valuable GTL products, such as wax. Our DRA project is meaningful in this regard.