TBY talks to Jalal Ghazi, CEO, Iran Commercial & Port Services (CPS), on the sector.

Jalal Ghazi

How has CPS developed since Behshahr Industrial Development Co. transferred the company to ICIIC in 2001?

CPS is a separate company, but ICIIC fully owns the company. We want to develop our company and contribute to the development of Bushehr Port. Currently the port is in the city, which is a problem. By moving to the south there is an opportunity to develop it further for oil, chemicals, and other import and export materials. This expansion project should be completed in three years. We seek to invest in a 60,000cbm tank on the waterfront.

Iran is heavily investing in its petrochemical capacity. Do you expect this to result in new business opportunities for your company?

Because Bushehr Port wants to develop its facilities, we expect to see an increase in customers and business opportunities. Bandar Abbas Port and Mahshahr Port have considerable exports of petrochemicals and oil because many of the petrochemical plants are in Mahshahr, near the port. Unfortunately, there are no petrochemical plants in the direct proximity of Bushehr. The refinery in Isfahan plans further developments and one day will want to export its materials. It can be an excellent and large customer for us.