TBY talks to Rahim Nemat Parvar, CEO, Minoo Group, on the sector.

Rahim Nemat Parvar

How do you create synergies between the different subsidiaries?

When our founder established Minoo Group, he knew the right approaches to be successful in this industry and already had all the elements in place, including manufacturing, importing, and distribution. Because of this, all our subsidiary companies know exactly what to do. They have good cooperation with each other as well as common goals. The group works like one family.

What are your most important export markets, and are you looking at new markets?

We have exported our products to other countries in the region, such as Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan, and now we are exporting our products to Canada. We have expanded our international target markets, and our main focus will be on the African market for the next year.

How is Minoo Group reaching foreign investors?

After the lifting of sanctions, a number of industrial groups from the international market approached us to negotiate contracts. In addition to our brand, we have the biggest and best distribution network in the country. Our products can be distributed anywhere in the country within three days. This is one of the most important advantages we offer investors.