TBY talks to Reza Ghotb, Managing Director, Karoun Dez Dasht (KDD), on the sector.

Reza Ghotb

How have you internationalized KDD?

KDD Group was established around 20 years ago with the goal of integrating technology, industry, trade, finance, and agriculture. Previously, we were involved in business sector in the UK, France, and North Africa, among others. We wanted to make use of our experience and expertise and develop the parts of the mining and steel industry that really needed it. When we did, the Chinese economy had emerged as a global behemoth, and we thought China would be a good partner, not least because of its expertise and financial capabilities. We traveled there and negotiated with major companies such as the Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) and the Ministry of Metallurgy. This resulted in an agreement, and we started the first joint project around 2000, which was successful. We were one of the first companies to have such relations with China, and more projects followed. We also developed relationships with companies from Italy, Germany, and the UK.