Aug. 4, 2020

Rosa María Gamarra


Rosa María Gamarra

General Manager, Zona Franca de Occidente (ZFO)

It is important to use renewable and friendly tools to positively impact the environment.


Rosa María Gamarra holds a master's in law from the University of the Basque Country and is a specialist in commercial and civil procedural law from the Externado University of Colombia. She is a lawyer accredited in both Colombia and Paraguay.

What are the most recent projects carried out by ZFO?
We have been working along with UNIDO, in a circular economy project in order to be recognized as an eco-industrial park of the UN. Moreover, we are working to be an environmentally friendly company to raise awareness among industrialists and workers on everything related to environmental care. For ZFO, this is an essential topic. Furthermore, we aim to manage and treat domestic wastewater, use recyclable waste, exploit rainwater through a buffer lagoon, and launch energy efficiency projects. In addition, we are also working with entrepreneurs to establish the first solar panel factory with state-of-the-art technology for clean energy projects and with a circular economy production process. This will not only generate investment for the country, but also increase employment rates for the less privileged and offer training.

What is the role of free zones face in terms of the use of renewable energy tools?
This is already the tendency in the energy sector; it is important to use renewable and friendly tools to positively impact the environment. For industries, renewable energy tools have lower energy costs and make companies more competitive in the national and international market. We also have strategic allies and partners that support the energy requirements that each industry requires. We need to ensure an excellent service while optimizing the practices of the main industries located in our free zone. This is how we offer expertise in this matter, which is a vital part of the companies set up here. We are focused on ensuring that the investment is optimized, while we reinvent ourselves every day in favor of economic trends that benefit our main investors.