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Yasser Zaghloul group cEo, National Marine Dredging Company Group, UAE (NMDC)

UAE - Energy & Mining

Yasser Zaghloul

Group CEO, National Marine Dredging Company Group, UAE (NMDC)


Yasser Zaghloul is the Group CEO of National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC) Group, an executive arm of government of Abu Dhabi that spearheads the support and development of dredging, reclamation, and marine construction in the UAE. With over 25 years of experience, he has held a number of leadership positions. He is a recipient of the Best CEO award, for the 2011/2012 period, from the Middle East Institute.

NMDC has emerged from its merger to become a stronger and more resilient organization, creating even more value for its stakeholders.

What were the main factors that established a strong foundation for the organization?

One of the major success factors in recent years was the merger and integration between NMDC and NPCC, which resulted in NMDC becoming the main player for the energy sector and oil and gas. This merger created a much stronger platform to face the challenges and grow. Our achievements in terms of our clients, suppliers, financial report, and figures after one year were clearly reflected in the market. We cannot be more satisfied with what we have achieved with this merger. This can be a successful example for the players and leaders around us and for us as well. We need a great deal of optimization and diversification, which can be difficult to do alone; however, by joining forces and enjoying the many synergies between the two groups, we are able to create an even more efficient organization for more growth in the near future.

How did the merger between NMDC and NPCC impact the group, and what were the major lessons learned for both organizations?

The major lessons we learned was operational excellence, optimization, and resilience in order to be a stronger player in the market. The main outcome for the company from the merger is how to deliver end-to-end solutions. The main impact for the group is the main stakeholders of the company, which includes shareholders, clients, people working for the group, and society. The merger created more opportunities and growth together. There were more and new markets for us to create even more added value for the shareholders. We are now confident in discussing end-to-end solutions in all of our infrastructure with clients. This includes marine, energy, and oil and gas infrastructures. Clients are now mainly focused on the energy transition and renewable energy. We are able to invest more, diversify, and grow on this important task. Our people are the main assets of the group. We need to invest in our people, train them, and create even more talent. We need to bring in more of the younger generation and incorporate their new, innovative ideas to help us cope with the changes around us. Growth for the group means growth of our people. A strong group means a strong support for the community and a strong platform for suppliers, partnership, and joint forces. We are part of developing the community we live in. When we work in a market or in a country, we participate in building the infrastructure of the economy or the country. HSE is important because we are talking about the next generation. We have to care for all aspects of HSE, including renewable energy and the impact of traditional energy on the environment.

What are the priorities when it comes to investing in transformative technologies needed to accelerate the transition?

There are two aspects: the energy transition and AI. They are both important for us and for companies to grow and establish new roots for the future that will be able to stand against new requirements. It is clear there is a huge shortage of energy, though once new technology has been developed and is in good shape, prices will naturally fall. It needs to be well managed during this period. Everything we are doing is for the people. That is why we want to continue investing in this sector. We want to be informed and have available data in order to analyze and move in this direction. AI is just as important as energy transition because we are growing globally and need that technology. We are studying how we can develop an asset life model because our industry normally has heavy assets. We need to have a balance between assets and requirements to build them for the group. This includes automation, robotics, data analysis, and AI. This will help us sustain and achieve even more growth for a longer future.



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