Feb. 20, 2022

Yannick del Ponte


Yannick del Ponte

CEO, ID Finance México


Yannick del Ponte has more than 20 years of experience in the national and transnational financial sector. He has been CEO of several financial institutions in Mexico focused on microloans and consumer and payroll-related loans. In 2017, he joined ID Finance as CEO of Mexico.

What do you consider to be your main added value?

What we offer to the market is a sustainable product. And we want to be sure that our product actually helps. We do not want to simply put money out there because we want to grow. We want sustainable growth and ensure that we are helping the customer. One of the key features we found while running the product design is to put some extensions to the loan. At the time, only one other player was doing that. We applied something similar to a credit card, where customers' credit histories are not affected, the credit is not overdue, and there are no additional charges, but they can continue to make minimum payments and remain in good standing while using the card. Once Mexico is more internet-savvy, which is on the horizon, the new analysis based on social media, online purchases, and so on will be the way forward rather than credit history as we know it now.

Are you planning to release any new products or services?

We are definitely focusing on maintaining our position and even jumping up to number one. The market is more demanding now, and the pandemic pushed many people to use digital solutions. Now they have confidence, and we have proven our secure services. We are now stepping ahead with our offer of 24 hours and 14 minutes processing of loans. We are seeing greater demand for products. We will be working on the release of two new products now until the beginning of 2022. They will include longer terms and better conditions. There will also be a payment method that includes more services. We have an excellent management team and great leadership within the company. Within the seven countries where ID Finance operates, Mexico has been the fastest growing. The Finance Times has recognized ID Finance as the fastest-growing fintech in Spain and the third fastest in Europe. Swift has also recognized us as one of the 20 fastest growing and impacting Latin American markets in 2021.