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Xavier Casas

MEXICO - Industry

Xavier Casas

GM & Head of Mexico, Danfoss


Xavier Casas has developed his professional career within Danfoss, joining the company in the quality area in 2001 and later was responsible for production planning and purchasing. He held several positions in the company, among them logistics manager, director of operations, and global head of the supply chain of the commercial refrigeration and air conditioning area.

TBY talks to Xavier Casas, GM & Head of Mexico of Danfoss.

What role does Mexico play within Danfoss’ international strategy?

Mexico is an extremely important part of our company’s footprint in terms of the operational and commercial parts. Danfoss is made up of three segments: climate solutions, drives, and power solutions. In power solutions, in 2021, we made an acquisition of Eaton Hydraulics. Danfoss consisted of 27,000 employees, and with this acquisition, we are now 37,000, with more than 10,000 new employees integrated globally. In Mexico, this represents an increase of 2,000 employees. Mexico is definitely a growth platform for Danfoss, both in the commercial part where the national market is extremely interesting for the entire portfolio of our three segments. Likewise, our geographical position gives us an operational possibility in North America and Latin America, and our operations are truly strengthened by our footprint in Mexico. Danfoss’ strategy in Mexico is to continue to strengthen and grow the business in our country, both operationally and commercially. This recent acquisition only reaffirms Danfoss’ interest in Mexico.

What was the impact of the pandemic on the company?

We are extremely pleased because we are now closing a year better than 2019. We no longer have to compare it to 2020, but against 2019, where we were selling in a stable environment. We are extremely pleased because we have double-digit growth, even compared to two years ago, and we see it in all segments. One of the benefits we have had from this crisis and pandemic is that we have maintained a strong and operational position. We have maintained a strong financial position even with the acquisition, and this reaffirms Danfoss’ intention to continue growing even in these uncertain times. Our availability of products has also strengthened the company. Even though some commercial businesses have not been as strong, we have managed to gain more market share, so we are satisfied with the performance in 2021 and anticipate a promising 2022. In addition, the temporalities that we saw in previous years in our segments, depending on the sector where we serve, which in some segments we call low or high season, has changed radically. It has been an unusual few months, but Danfoss has managed to overcome these challenges and is doing well. We will close a strong year and have great expectations for 2022.



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