The Business Year

Mexican organizations and multinationals had much to worry about in the last year, not least the mental and physical health of their employees and maintaining office morale while working remotely.

Laila Chartuni

President, TOP Companies

Every 10 years, the measurement proceedings for TOP Companies is reviewed. We revise the metrics within the ranking and reshape them. Times change, and there are some areas that we measured in the past that we do not anymore. I am glad we can reinvent ourselves. We try to launch a new product every year. We also have other measurements in addition to the rankings. We have another ranking called Súper Espacios (Super Spaces), which is related to workspaces. We also have other on positive psychology. Our data will help companies continue on the path to working remotely and also reinvent many different ways to continue with their success. 2020 has been a year that challenged us on every level, and this includes people, individuals, teams, and leaders. This year has shown HR the opportunities that long-distance collaboration can provide to companies. It is important for HR to adapt to the changes in order to cope with the upcoming challenges. The world and the working environment is changing, and we have to reinvent ourselves. Commuting takes up a large portion of people’s time, and this shift toward remote working is an advantage for individuals. The working space has changed, but you have to set certain boundaries. Today, self-management is essential to work from home. There are skills today that are more important than before.

Leopoldo Gerardo Flores Arriazola

Director General, Sinergia Corporativo

Our services are for industrial companies that have an extended geographical print and a broad need for HR services. We can work for small companies, but large enterprises are the main firms that demand our services. We prepare tailor-made proposals for our clients. It is a personalized service. We are 100% involved and are a strategic partner for each one of our clients. Latin America is complex because each country has its own specific issues. The Peruvian market is extremely competitive, and our strategy is to differentiate ourselves through an app to develop surveys for market research. We offer the same service for Guatemala. In Mexico, we work with Grupo Salinas, which is one of the most important companies in the country. Banco Azteca, Television Azteca, and other businesses of the group have allowed us to collaborate for over a decade with them. We are planning on innovating our services. We are going to launch our own software for staff management that can offer a real-time service to manage the workforce. This can result in a better service and a solution that is quicker and useful. We want to launch the product in December 2020. This will be an addition that will be part of our existing packages, instead of a single service. We will offer this within all of our proposals.

Alma Rosa Garcí­a Puig

CEO, Alma Rosa Garcí­a Puig

It is important for us to be close to our clients to understand what other companies are going through with the pandemic. We have been doing many webinars, with more than 100 currently on our web page. We have 10 big series of master webinars that we provide for free and through which companies can learn about issues such as leadership and communication in times of crisis. We also have content that companies can download for free from our website for their personal use. We want to help other companies achieve their goals and empower employees and provide them with a better working space. We also offer a free COVID-19 survey for companies to tell them how they are doing through the pandemic. All the results from that survey helped us address the issues regularly coming up in those companies, such as communication issues or changes in employee-management relationships due to remote working. We offered to work with each of those companies to address the impact on their revenue or business streams. In 2020, we also supported our clients financially by offering discounts and a payments scheme, as well as by extending our deadline for companies to participate in our certification system. We have been extremely flexible with our clients and seek to be an ally in these difficult times and help companies weather this crisis.



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