The Business Year

Ecuador pursues a unique foreign policy agenda based on social cooperation.

HE Ollanta Humala

President, Peru

I can’t describe the Ecuadorean way but I can say that the data looks quite good. Also, I can say that public debts are much lower than in the EU, including Germany. Now, we’re discussing how we can enhance our bilateral cooperation. Ecuador has a lot of business with Spain, and I believe that it can be a good Latin American partner for other EU member states.

HE Laura Chinchilla

President, Costa Rica

I want to emphasize the unity of two peoples who are born of the same origin; Ecuador and Peru. we are now concerned about doing everything necessary to build the path to union. Today, we tell Ecuadorean and Peruvian entrepreneurs to invest, in Peru and in Ecuador, because the two are going to ensure fair, honest treatment with respect to labor rights and guarantee that their investment will be fruitful.

Angela Merkel

Chancellor, Angela Merkel

We enjoy a friendly relationship that has been established for many years, and each country attained independence in solidarity with the other. I would especially like to emphasize our cooperation in the environmental arena, which continues to command our partnership. Ecuador and Costa Rica have initiated very effective programs in terms of reforestation. These efforts are dedicated to the protection of our forests and jungles, as well as the tropical Pacific region, which we consider to be of particular importance.



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