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Juan Alejandro Angel

COLOMBIA - Real Estate & Construction

The development of Pereira

General Manager, TIPSA


Juan Alejandro Angel studied animal sciences at Michigan State University and holds an MBA from Universidad de los Andes. He led the Risaralda-Quindio department of ANDI and the Fondo Ganadero de Risaralda and has directed TIPSA for 19 years.

TBY talks to Juan Alejandro Angel, General Manager, TIPSA.

How has TIPSA contributed to the development of Pereira city and region?
We are always thinking about projects that have an impact on the economy and tourism and develop different types of projects for typical living community apartments and houses. We started our company developing land in Ceritos, Pereira, which is a family property. We then started doing country housing and have been preserving a lot of the original forest as we are in a dry rain forest. We are protecting this area near the mountains, an exclusive location. We are neighbors with the Country Club of Pereira, which has also been a successful project. We have done six projects already with a lot of families living there. And now we are in a new stage of the Maracay Country City development. We are starting to plan a commercial area, hotel, and a senior living center in this area, and have completed other commercial projects and country living residences.

How does your emphasis on sustainable development and working with the local environment add value to your projects?
More and more, customers are concerned with reducing their impact on the environment. We have been working with the community on efforts to recycle all the waste from our developments: glass, plastic, paper, metals, and so on. It is not easy, but it is possible, and we are making a great impact.

How is TIPSA contributing to the preservation of biodiversity of the region?
Instead of only doing more residential development, we want to preserve the land and contribute to tourism and very responsible housing alternatives. We are going into the industry with hotels that are low impact and looking for partners for this type of project and to develop the rest of the land.



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